Your Success is Our Story



SME Bank

Year Started 2005
Financing approved RM23 billion
Entrepreneurs trained 24,000
  1. The Story

Your Success is Our Story

It starts with a dream. An ambition. A determination to build a better life. A vision to fulfill or a worthy path to emulate. This is the first step. The second step is to look within oneself. Do you have what it takes to start your journey, to overcome all the challenges along the way, and end up as a success story?

On every single story we have told on these pages we have seen the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs. Perseverance, dedication, passion, bravery, discipline, focus and vision. These entrepreneurs made sacrifices along the way, and with some luck and some assistance made all their dreams come true.

Once an entrepreneur gets started on the journey to success, one major roadblock awaits. Every single story on these pages tells of difficulty in getting financial assistance when the entrepreneurs needed money to sustain or grow their businesses. This is where SME Bank steps in.

SME Bank has a government-mandated role to develop the small and medium industries which have been identified as a major contributor to the nation's economic progress. What this means is the Bank is tasked to offer extraordinary assistance to entrepreneurs. Where commercial banks will evaluate whether or not a company or business can repay their loans, SME Bank uses different judging criteria. Entrepreneurs are given a fair chance regardless of whether they are new or established. The many different choices of financing packages that the Bank offers enable a wide range of possibilities for financing which is not available with the commercial banks.

As the stories on these pages show, it was SME Bank that came through for these successful entrepreneurs. Where nobody would even listen to them, SME Bank was there for them. Some spent months in asking and hoping for help, only to be turned away. Without the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs as described above, they would have given up, and there would have been no success story to tell. Without SME Bank, these stories would also have turned out differently.

As Datuk Mohd. Radzif Mohd Yunus (Group Managing Director of SME Bank) points out, SME Bank does not just offer financing services. A major success factor is the Bank's Intervention services where the Bank trains entrepreneurs to identify areas in their businesses that could be improved, and the Bank would also intervene when it detects financial or operational challenges coming up that might affect the business. Entrepreneurs are trained so that they are prepared when the challenges arrive, and are able to overcome obstacles in their way. Entrepreneurs are taught how to write and execute a proper business plans, and are even offered courses and workshops that can improve their financial and business management skills.

Since the SME Bank started operations in 2005, RM23 billion of financing had been approved to thousands of entrepreneurs. SME Bank's Centre for Entrepreneur Development and Research which provides business advisory and consultancy services has trained more than 24,000 individuals through its comprehensive Entrepreneur Development Programs.

The success of SME Bank is built on the success of the entrepreneurs it serves. Each and every success story that we contribute to adds to an ever growing tapestry of colourful and inspiring stories that make up 'Your Success Our Story'. So if you envision your story up on our pages, if you have what it takes to start this story, we are here waiting, to help you take it to a successful completion.